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So I've started rereading Beloved. Just for the hell of it. Most people I talk to didn't like it, but I do. I always did. It was one of the very few books I read for school that I actually enjoyed. Rereading it now, I think I'll probably get a lot more out of it than I did four years ago. Funny how one changes so much. Thanks to Millikan, I appreciate literature a lot and find it quite enthraling.

I heard a funny story yesterday. Louis was talking about how one of his profs had completely digressed in class and told this story:
First off, it's good to know that Louis is a History major. My worst nightmare but, you know, whatever works.
So what happened was this. This guy at Columbia was getting his PhD in History and (of course) had to turn in a thesis. So he did. He turned it in and his prof loved it. He loved it so much that he showed it off to all of his collegues. Everyone thought it was an incredible piece of work. Innovative, wonderful. So, they were going to get it published. It was in the process of being printed for peer review when one of the profs decided, on a whim, to check one of the guy's sources. So he looks up the paper, looks up the page and is confused when he finds that the page had nothing to do with what he had supposedly been referencing. So he checked another source, which also had no relevence. He got together with a bunch of his collegues and decided to fly out to the library of congress to check the archival sources. None of them existed. The guy had fabricated the entire thing. Had made up a person, had put him into history, had fooled the entire history department at Columbia and had almost gotten away with it. The didn't give him a PhD. They told him, this is not history, it's genious.
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